getting ready for the holidays

Ready for the holidays?

I hope you all survived Halloween and are ready to dive into the Holiday Season!!!!

I always like to start the month of November by sending along some tips on how to survive the holiday season, as it can be a busy and exciting time of year!

  1. Stick to your child's routine as much as possible. This will help to avoid additional melt-downs and tantrums!
  2. Call a friend and set up a 'Shopping Swap'. Shopping without your children will allow you to focus so that you can get it all done with minimal stress, while knowing that your children are in good hands! You will all thank each other at the end of the day!
  3. Spend quality time with your children doing what THEY want to do!!! This is the BEST gift you can give a child!
  4. If you have family coming to town, make sure to communicate with them your child's routine. Extended family LOVES to spoil the children!!! They may allow them to get away with things that are normally not accepted in your home because they have so little time with them. Though it may be tempting to allow a more 'care-free' routine, be careful, as you are the one who will have to pay for it once everyone has gone. Sticking to the rules, routines and family values is very important to children, and the success of a happy home! (If you are travelling to visit family, the same rule applies.)
  5. Take time for yourself! The holidays can be very stressful so give yourself a break by doing something that you find relaxing.
  6. Have fun!!! Don't take on too much! The best part of the holidays is the time you get to spend with family and friends and you cannot do that you are always running and planning the next event!
Snow Covered Bradford Pear Leaves

Snow Covered Bradford Pear Leaves

Teacher Sharon Malone is the Teacher and Director for SJPPNS.  
After experiencing SJPPNS as a participating parent, Sharon realized her passion for children and the importance of the education of young children. Sharon has a BA degree in Art History and a Directorship Certificate in Early Childhood Education. Sharon is also a certified Music Together teacher.

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