Co-op preschools in Silicon Valley

The Santa Clara County Council (SCVC) is an association cooperative (parent participation) nursery schools in Silicon Valley.

Our council was founded by a group of parents to:

  • Support our high quality nursery schools
  • Provide shared services such as insurance within the schools
  • Educate the parents more effectively
  • Share solutions to common challenges and questions
  • Raise awareness about our schools within the community
  • Promote the growth and interest in the parent participation movement

SCVC is this area’s branch of the statewide California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS). CPPNS advocates for the needs of co-op nursery schools at the state level. By being part of the statewide council, the schools also benefit from:

  • Connections with other organizations, agencies or legislative bodies working in the fields of health, education and welfare
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage designed specifically for parent co-op schools
  • Council-wide information sharing amongst member schools
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