Join CCPPNS in San Francisco, March 9 & 10th , 2018

The San Francisco co-op preschool community is excited to host the 69th annual California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS) Conference. This year’s theme, Time to Connect, will allow attendees to dive deep into the areas of Self, Family, Community and the World. Time to Connect is a call to action in a time in which divisions seem to be more apparent than commonalities. 


Once again, a reminder that you can honor your co-op Teacher and/or Director at the Annual CCPPNS Convention, Saturday, March 9, 2018. 

Teachers can be nominated for a Teacher Director Award or a Lifetime Achievement award by filling out a nomination form and sending in 25+ letters of recommendation. 

Awards are presented Saturday morning at Convention.

Nominations will be accepted through February 15, 2018 but preferred early. Letters of endorsement for Teacher/Director Awards and the Honorary Life Achievement Award will be accepted postmarked no later than February 25, 2018.



We look forward to seeing you at the Convention!