The Santa Clara Valley Council (SCVC) of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS) was the proud sponsor of the wonderfully successful CCPPNS’ 66th annual convention.

The theme was "Unplug & Play".
Parents, teachers and directors enjoyed a weekend of inspiring workshops and featured speakers.

Our mission is to educate the home, in the school and in the community
parent teacher convention speakers

"CCPPNS hosts a yearly conference for parenting and that is very unique.  Parents love the experience as it speaks to and validates their importance in the lives of young children.

This year, I had the privilege of co-chairing with Anghelika Maddalena, a fellow director teacher.   We both had a vision of making it high quality, affordable and manageable for the council schools.  We wanted quality speakers.  We wanted to reset the expectation that it is valuable and possible for a council to succeed in making it happen.  

We found a group of dedicated volunteers… met tirelessly… focused on the positive at all times. We all loved the challenge and support.  

…when we saw the first featured speaker introduced to a full auditorium… we knew it would be a year to remember. This was only confirmed when attending full workshop sessions and seeing parents and teachers engaged. 

We were so proud of our council schools and loved to show everyone on the tour!

…and finally…honoring our local teachers--watching the awards slide show with tears in my eyes. 
My daughter-in-law told me weeks later how much an impact the convention had on her parenting skills—and that’s what it’s all about!"

-Konne Ainsworth
Director, Explorer Preschool

Special Congratulations to All Our Award Winners!

2015 Life Achievement Awards
Celebrating teachers and directors who have devoted a significant portion of her or his life in service of the parent participation movement.

Annie Deckert
Explorer Parent Participation Preschool. San Jose, CA.

“To say she has touched our family would be an understatement.”

“She taught me that play should be valued as the ‘work’ of children.”

“She brings a sense of joy to each day and embraces the chaos.”


Gail Murphy
Peter Pan Co-Op Nursery School. Oakland, CA.

“Gail is an outspoken advocate for the true essence of childhood.”

“She kept our eyes on the big picture – what do we want for our children in 20 years, not just today.”

“She has been the heart and soul of this unique preschool for thirty years.”

“She deserves a lifetime achievement award because her effect ripples far beyond the scope of each of us as individuals.”


Sandy Westlie
Peter Pan Co-Op Nursery School. Oakland, CA.

“Watching her teach is a privilege; I learn from her every time I am lucky enough to watch her.”

“Her commitment, devotion, diligence, expertise, and love are remarkable.”

“She is one of those unique people you run into during the course of your lifetime.”

2015 Teacher Director Awards
Celebrating teachers and directors for their outstanding service to cooperative preschools!

Cathy Davis
Mill Valley Nursery School. Mill Valley, CA.

“She works magic with both children and parents alike, able to effortlessly understand the world through the eyes of a child, while responding to the great variety of adult questions and concerns.”

“She shows everyone she knows how to find their best self and be their best self.”

“She provides the roadmap that the children, and the parents, need to traverse this exciting and constantly changing time in our lives.”  


Paula Oakes
Explorer Parent Participation Preschool. San Jose, CA.

“She is a kind gentle soul, and she knows how to make parents and children feel at ease.”

“She has unfailing patience and calm in the face of every kind of toddler emergency or meltdown”

“Her strength is that not only is she amazing with children but also because of how she supports parents.”


Maureen Johnstone
Twin Cities Community Preschool. Corte Madera, CA

"I love her vision, expertise, and dedication.”

“She seamlessly accommodates all the children and parenting styles.”

“She equips children with many tools they will need throughout their lives. Specifically conflict resolution skills.”


Sharon Malone
San Jose Parents Participating Nursery School. San Jose, CA

“She utilizes every opportunity to teach from the children finding bugs in the garden to figuring out how to fix a broken toy.”

“She ‘gets’ kids at the early childhood level and is able to relate to them.”

“She made our school a safe environment, where everyone feels accepted and comfortable, a nurturing place.”


Sanyoo Bharadwaj
Almaden Parents' Preschool. San Jose, CA.

“The person in our family who she helped the most was me! All along, I thought that preschool was for the kids—it is.  I didn’t realize how much I would be helped, both by her teaching and examples of behavior with the kids.”

“She shows parents how to laugh off things as part of learning and growing up, and how to be patient and firm, even when all you want to do is scream your lungs out in frustration.”


Monica McCabe
Cupertino Co-op Nursery School. Sunnyvale, CA.

“She structured the discussion in a way that encouraged the children to find a positive solution for all.”

“She is doing exactly what she is meant to be doing.”

“She exudes the true essence of an early childhood educator.”

“She has a wicked sense of humor that lightens the world around her.”

“She didn’t try to change and ‘fix’ my child...she accepted him, worked with him.”


Jeanette Kruskamp
Cupertino Co-op Nursery School. Sunnyvale, CA.

“She has the ability to make children in her classroom feel loved and appreciated for each of their own unique qualities.”

“Her greatest asset is something that can’t be taught – her almost supernatural ability to make every child and parent feel like they’re the only one in the room.”

“She does not work for awards or accolades, but simply to inspire and impact all kids she comes in contact with each day.”


Jackie Millhouse
Laguna Parent Participation Preschool. Mission Viejo, CA

“There is an incredible SPARKLE in her eye that ignites EXCITEMENT and IMAGINATION.”

 “She is the type of teacher that will influence a child throughout their entire life.”

“She has an almost magical ability to fill an entire room with her joyful presence… every child in the room looks at her in awe.”


Margaret Haskell
Little Wonders. San Mateo, CA.

“She lights up the room with her smile and positivity.” 

“Raising children is definitely a team effort, and I am fortunate enough to have her on my team.”

“She makes meaningful eye contact and responds with authenticity, care, and genuine interest.  She has great compassion for parents being ‘imperfect’.”


Sara O'Neil
Slippery Fish. San Francisco, CA.

“She is not just the director, but the heart of the school.”

“She is a smart, warm, collaborative, compassionate visionary who has built the school from a playgroup of 4 families in 2007 to what it is today: a robust community of 53 families.”

“She advocates for her talented teaching staff not only to keep them there, but to help grow the program so that it may impact our city for years to come.”

2015 Community Service Award
Celebrating individuals or organizations within the community who have gone beyond normal services to help parent participation nursery schools, regional or state council

Saundra Fischer
Cupertino Co-op Nursery School. Sunnyvale, CA.

“She believes in the co-op philosophy down to the depths of her soul.

“She has been at our school since 2011 and been a role model in the classroom and has served tirelessly on the board.”


Lisa Sharma
Explorer Parent Participation Preschool. San Jose, CA.

“She exemplifies leading the way.”

“She has contributed by being on her coop preschool board for three years, redesigning our brand to reflect our school better.”

“She has spent two years working on THIS convention team lending her MANY talents.  All of us on the team support this much deserved award.”


Amy Connors
Little Wonders. San Mateo, CA.

“She is a model of the co-op spirit in the greater community and the world.”

“You can rely on her word to get something done.”

“She volunteers for the girl scouts because of her passion for girls and science.”